Background Check Requirements

Applicants must obtain a Criminal and Vulnerable Sector Background Check from your local RCMP / Police Detachment

The background check must have been completed within the last 3 months to be eligible for your Safe Places application

Background Checks are free for City of Swift Current residents if applying for Safe Places – Youth Certification and for many other rural


If you are volunteering in our community or Applying for Safe Places – Youth Certification the background checks are free of charge. You may tell the City of Swift Current detachment that you are applying for Safe Places or provide them with a copy of this Volunteer / Safe Places letter.

More detailed info related to background checks can be found in the following documents:

Background Checks Explained ( inc fingerprint information and fees associated with checks)

Eligibility Criteria and Appeals Process ( Safe Places Applications)

Criminal Offence and Annual Declaration Review Process

Volunteer / Safe Places Letter ( RCMP Background Checks)

Annual Declaration

To maintain your Safe Places certification status and appear in the public directory, you must complete an annual declaration available through your online account.

The process requires you to confirm the following:

Since the last Criminal Background Check or Offence Declaration completed by you for the purposes of Safe Places, you will be required to self -declare the following:

Any offence which you have been charged with since your last background check / declaration

• Criminal charges or any other charges, including those from a sport body, private tribunal or government agency, currently pending or threatened against you?

All persons that self -declare new offences may be required to submit a new background check for review to maintain their certification status


The declaration process will be available 1 month prior to your annual review date and up to 2 weeks after your review date. Anyone who has not completer their declaration within this timeframe will automatically be removed from the Public Directory as Youth Certified.



All enquiries related to youth certification can be emailed to