Online Education and Training is a requirement of all Safe Places designations

Applicants must complete one of the online training course options listed below for the Safe Places designation they require

  • Safe Places – AWARE certified : Government of Saskatchewan’s ‘Duty to Report’
  • Safe Places – COMMUNITY certified: Respect in Sport, Respect in School or Safe Sport
  • Safe Places – YOUTH certified: Respect in Sport, Respect in School or Safe Sport

All education courses range from 1 – 2 hours to complete depending on what course you select.

All education courses provide a certificate of completion at the end which you require a copy of to apply for Safe Places

All education courses focus on educating participants to recognize, understand and respond to issues of abuse.

The Respect Group and Safe Sport programs required for community and youth certifications also focus on bullying, harassment and discrimination. Participants will gain some skills that they can apply to create a safe, healthy and respectful environment for all youth in their programs.

Online Course fees

Duty to Report – Free of Charge

Respect Group Training – $20-$30 or Free for all sports organizations and those affiliated with Safe Places.

To determine if you can access the Respect in Sport or Respect in School free, check with the organization you are affiliated with or apply online.

Safe Sport – Free of Charge

Online Education and Training Links 

Respect in Sport Activity Leader Training

There are many organizations affiliated with Respect Group nationally and have access to the online course. The ones listed below are common ones, if yours is not listed, then check with your organization to see if they have a link that you can access.

SaskSport Member – Most Sports Groups

Hockey Saskatchewan – All hockey groups

City of Swift Current resident – Payment, or free with a pre-authorization code

City of Swift Current Employee – Free for employees

Town of Gull Lake resident – Payment or free with a pre-authorization code

Respect in School

Education Sector – Payment or free with a pre-authorization code

Government of Saskatchewan – Payment

Coaching Association of Canada – Safe Sport Training

Safe Sport No payment required

Duty to report

Government of Saskatchewan Duty to Report – No payment required