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Mandating Safe Places

If you are considering mandating Safe Places as a business, non profit or other organization, Safe Places can present to your group, board or staff to provide some education and an insight into the benefits of the certification program, service provision and options for supporting.


Safe Places can provide an education workshop for groups of adults or youth related to Bullying, Abuse, Harrassment and Discrimination. We can tailor the topics in line with your preferences and even provide educational sessions highlighting your organizational policies and procedures.

Policy Development

Safe Places can help develop policy and procedures as well as offer support that assists in the reporting of and responding to instances of Bullying, Abuse Harassment and Discrimination.

Accurate Records

Safe Places can help organizations develop or maintain a database of Safe Places certifications to ensure that you have up to date information on your coaches, volunteers and staff. We will notify you and your individuals when recertification is due and provide correspondence directly with your staff or volunteers on your behalf.

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